Introduction to Yandex Email | Get Started with Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is an e-mail delivery service similar to other mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail. Yandex Mail offers a full range of basic functions for us to receive and send mail and add some other special features, such as scheduling email delivery to Yandex Mail. And Yandex Mail also has the option to delete the Yandex account if the user no longer needs to use this email address.

When a user deletes this Yandex Mail account, he cannot re-register with the previous username. Those who send mail through their Yandex Mail account will no longer be sent. If you have registered a Yandex account and want to delete Yandex, it is very simple to do, all you need to do is make sure you have your login details and your questions and answers on password recovery security. With these, you are one step away from deleting your account.

About Yandex Mail | Easy Guide

Yandex is currently one of the top ten email providers, the email service is more or less like Yahoo Mail, Gmail Posta and the rest. offers other online services such as Yandex Money, Yandex browser email service, etc. With Yandex, you can have a new email domain.

However, among other good things, anyone with a new Yandex account can get access to other Yandex products, such as alice mail personale, with one account, one login. Also, I’m sure you already know what Yandex offers, but anyway, if you want to be out of Yandex, you can learn how to detect the Yandex account and therefore be temporarily out of Yandex.

This way, your information will still remain in Yandex, in addition to which you can still access your account. But if you close your Yandex account permanently, you will stay out of Yandex forever. This means that all emails, files, and attachments will be deleted instantly. Also, nobody can send you an email and you can’t receive an email using that email address. In addition, no one can use that email address to create a Yandex account.

How to Remove Yandex Mail From my Computer

If you are a Yandex Mail user, you know that the popular Yandex free email client, based in Russia, offers many of the same features, such as POP, IMAP, filtering and unlimited storage, like other heavyweights of e-mail. Still, if you need to close your account, Yandex makes the process quite simple. It is also permanent: it will delete your account and all associated messages (including folders and tags).

So following are the steps to remove Yandex mail from a computer

  • We log in to the Yandex Mail account as usual, then click on the account image and select Account Settings.
  • Go to the content configuration interface for the account, users scroll down and then click Remove account.
  • In this interface, you will be asked to re-enter the answer to the secret question used to create the account, enter the security text provided by Yandex Mail.
  • Finally, click remove an account to delete the account. We will have 30 days to cancel the account. During this time, you can still log back into your Yandex mail account to cancel the cancellation of your account if you wish.

So you know how to delete the Yandex Mail account when you no longer need to use the email service. All Yandex Mail account data will be deleted, so users need to take this into account before pressing Delete.

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